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Experience Nature Through Textural Abstract Artistry

Yael Salomon (born in France in 1973) is a French-Israeli painter and sculptor based in Tel Aviv. She essentially works on crafting artworks with captivating textures and vibrant, unapologetic colors.

Salomon's first source of motivation lies in the execution of the artistic expression itself. Her practice is primarily focused on the active process of crafting, where some of the "action" doesn't necessarily involve physical gestures, but also includes passive reflections of the mind and how much awareness there is throughout the creative process. This awareness may encompass daydreaming on the studio couch about a certain piece, visiting exhibitions, a quote from a book that can light up a thought, or simply strolling on the beach, where nature creates its own magical phenomena, which serves on itself, as an encyclopedia of inspiration for the artist.


Furthermore, she has an extensive appreciation of art throughout human history, particularly for modern and contemporary artists such as Sean Scully, Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter, David Hockney, Katharina Grosse, Bosco Sodi, Tony Cragg, Jennifer Guidi, Miriam Cabessa, just to name a few. She draws inspiration from these artists, especially regarding the subject of color and its emotional impact on the viewer, as well as movement as an act during the making of art, purposefully transcribed into the artwork as a sign of life, breathing into space. Additionally, she focuses on textures, conceiving them to attract the element of touch, something that we generally cannot do when facing art, as "touching is not allowed." Nevertheless, just like in her previous career as a jewelry designer, she invites viewers to look even closer at the most delicate details of an artwork, appreciating the craftsmanship.


Salomon perceives the amalgamation of our senses within our imagination as our most precious asset. Observing an artwork from a distance, capturing a first message in our brain, and then slowly approaching it, being swallowed by its intricate intentions, and abandoning preconceptions to follow the humane vulnerability that there is in observing the present moment, touching our heart, these are experiences she values deeply.

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